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The new clinic procedure VelaShape II is the most popular anti-cellulite massage in the world

velashape IIIn the spring of 2015 the clinic of laser dermatology Era Esthetic in Latvia began offering the procedure for cellulite treatment of body volume reducing – VelaShape II. This technology`s worth has been proved in the world of aesthetic medicine as an effective mean of getting rid of cellulite and body contouring.

This development of US company SYNERON – CANDELA is based on technology elōs, and its effectiveness has been proven in clinical trials, as well as in medical practice around the world – this technology has allowed to provide more than 4 million procedures worldwide.

This is a simple, convenient, non-invasive procedure, which has a profound therapeutic effect on the body, using 4 different technologies: RF waves, infrared rays, vacuum massage and classical mechanical massage.

This procedure is very popular in the world and enjoys a steady interest among clients of the Clinic. The reason of an increased interest in the procedure is its high efficiency and the ability to achieve results even after 4 treatments.

Read more about the procedure VelaShape II here.

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