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Everyone wants to look young, well-groomed and attractive with minimal effort. Modern cosmetology provides all the possibilities for this. Professional care programs, non-invasive hardware effects, injection methods are gentle areas of work with the skin that give excellent results.

Such procedures are performed by the cosmetics of the Era Esthetic clinic, who have a secondary specialized medical education. Specialists work with premium lines CellCosmet (Switzerland) and Diego dalla Palma (Italy), conduct chemical peels, injections of biorevitalizants and meso-cocktails. They also have extensive experience in performing hardware techniques for healing, rejuvenation and facelift: Hydrafacial, Intraceuticals, Elos-Sublime.

At the first visit of the patient to the clinic, the cosmetologist conducts basic diagnostics in order to select a set of methods and quickly obtain the desired changes. In Era Esthetic, each person receives a personal program for the correction of imperfections, which takes into account not only the current condition of the skin, but also medical nuances, wishes, the ability to observe the rehabilitation period and other factors.

All procedures are carried out without pain in comfortable conditions, and the result of visits to the Era Esthetic clinic will be beautiful, smooth and radiant skin.

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