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Preventive medicine

Preventive medicine is a combination of methods for diagnosing the body and conducting disease prevention, aimed at preserving human health today and tomorrow.

Environmental factors, lifestyle of a modern person, genetic predisposition to certain diseases – all this negatively affects the human body. This predictably leads to a weakened immune system and frequent illnesses. However, it is quite realistic to learn how to maintain health and prevent complications. Preventive medicine is here to help.

The essence of the approach

Preventive medicine is a direction aimed at the prevention of diseases through their early diagnosis. In other words, thanks to the development of technology, each person can study the state of his own body a little deeper and determine the tendency to diseases or problems even before the manifestation of vivid symptoms. Preventive medicine is designed not to cure, but to prevent.

The direction is new and progressively developing, but it originated in the middle of the 20th century. The term was first formulated by the American Leroy Edward Hood, a scientist who devoted his life to the study of biotechnology and immunology. Since then, the approach of doctors specializing in preventive medicine has undergone significant changes, and the latest research methods have significantly expanded the diagnostic capabilities of specialists, but the general principles have remained the same.

  1. Predictivity is the assumption of the most probable pathologies.
  2. Prevention is protection against diseases.
  3. Personalization is a personal approach and consideration of all individual features.
  4. Participation is the active inclusion of the patient.

Preventive medicine is not a standard medical examination and not spot check-ups designed to assess the current state of the body. This is a set of diagnostic methods for maintaining health.

Directions of preventive medicine

The Era Esthetic clinic offers two directions for maintaining beauty, youth and health. The first is genetic testing. Genome analysis is considered one of the most informative diagnostic methods. It allows you to identify predispositions to various diseases or pathological conditions. Based on the results obtained, the doctor will be able to choose an individual body protection program for the patient.

The result of Fagron Genomics testing is two detailed descriptions. One for the specialist, the second for the patient. As a result of genetic diagnostics, our clients receive a detailed consultation with personal recommendations and, if necessary, the appointment of drug therapy.

The second area of preventive medicine available to clients of the Era Esthetic clinic is intravenous vitamin therapy (IV-therapy). This is a method of introducing highly concentrated doses of trace elements and vitamins directly into the bloodstream. In fact, this is an analogue of taking dietary supplements and vitamin complexes, however, the key advantage of IV-therapy lies in the almost instantaneous and complete inclusion of valuable substances in metabolic processes.

The first vitamin shakes were developed in the 1970s in the USA. Today, intravenous therapy is a wide range of formulations for the targeted replenishment of deficiencies and the targeted solution of body problems. This is a highly effective and absolutely safe technique that allows you:

  • to strengthen immunity;
  • to increase efficiency;
  • to reduce anxiety and overcome stress;
  • to remove toxins from the body;
  • to deal with headaches
  • to improve the condition of the skin, hair, nails.

Intravenous vitamin therapy is prescribed strictly after the initial consultation with the doctor. It is preliminary recommended to pass a series of tests to identify body deficiencies. It is equally important to exclude contraindications: pregnancy and lactation, pathologies of the heart and kidneys, hypertension.

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