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Era Esthetic offers Thermage CPT in Latvia

Era Esthetic is the first and currently the only clinic in Latvia, offering a unique treatment of non-surgical face and body tightening procedure – Thermage CPT. Today, this procedure is popular all over the world, including among the world stars, which is especially important to take care of their appearance and maintain the youthfulness of their skin.

The procedure Thermage CPT, allowing for one procedure to achieve a significant reduction in wrinkles, sagging skin, which increases skin turgor, firming skin, lose their elasticity, caused a sensation in the world of non-invasive rejuvenation procedures. The procedure has an effect on the skin due to high-frequency radio waves that raise the temperature of the dermis and trigger the immediate update of collagen, which allows for visible rejuvenation and skin tightening immediately after the procedure, and to continue improving skin condition during the next year after its implementation.

Thermage CPT – a worthy alternative to surgery in the human body. Another advantage of this procedure is that it involves the mechanisms of natural rejuvenation, does not require a rehabilitation period, leaves no stitches and scars. The effect of skin tightening using Thermage CPT is maintained for 3-5 years after the procedure, depending on the individual characteristics of each patient.

Please look for more information about the procedure Thermage CPT here.

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