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Clinic Era Esthetic in Latvia introduces PRP procedures

Laser Dermatology Clinic ERA ESTHETIC began offering their patients in Latvia a new, progressive skin rejuvenating and treatment procedure PRP.

PRP, or plasma therapy is a modern method of treatment in aesthetic and regenerative medicine, which uses the healing power of the patient’s blood for biological stimulation of the cells of his body and skin.

The methodology PRP is based on the ability of human body cells to heal itself. This process is stimulated by injection of plasma obtained from a patient’s own blood and platelet rich.

Despite the fact that the last decade was marked by popular PRP and its widespread introduction into medical practice, this technique can not be called new, untested by time. Progenitor technique is autohaemotherapy, whose history goes back more than 100 years. Efficacy and safety of PRP-therapy was confirmed in clinical trials and in medical practice extensive worldwide.
PRP is widely used in medicine to address such important aesthetic problems like skin rejuvenation and rehabilitation, treatment of baldness and hair regrowth. PRP is also used to treat many diseases, such as joint pain, gynecological problems and much more.

Injections PRP into the clinic Clinic Laser Dermatology ERA ESTHETIC doctors spend with a rich, successful experience with this technique.

Find more information about progressive PRP rejuvenation procedures and PRP treatment for joint pains and other diseases!

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