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EUROMELANOMA day results in ERA ESTHETIC clinic

May 13, 2015, at Euromelanoma day, Laser Dermatology Clinic  Era Esthetic contributed to the prevention and diagnosis of dangerous diseases of the skin – melanoma, by providing everyone diagnosis of moles free of charge.

The clinic was visited by 14 patients who was conducted free inspection dermatoscopic skin lesions to determine their nature. We are pleased to announce that among our patients was not found any case of melanoma that day.

However we draw your attention to the fact that today melanoma is a common disease in the world. It is a kind of skin cancer, which is indicated by some skin formations (certain shapes and colors moles), and which is caused by skin exposure to sunlight. The cause of melanoma usually is an excessive enthusiasm solarium or aggressive exposure to solar radiation, the rejection of the use of means of protection from the sun (eg, usage of SPF).

In the case of moles on your skin which have irregular asymmetrical and / or irregular edges, uneven color, it is strongly recommended that you consult a dermatologist, who will conduct a professional inspection of such education to make sure that it has a malignant nature.

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