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Era Esthetic offers hardware treatments Carita

Laser Dermatology Clinic Era Esthetic has expanded the range of skin care treatments with the new CARITA brand and modern microcurrent technology.

The clinic offers a new body procedure for body modeling from the legendary French brand CARITA, which is conducted using the innovative CINETIC LIFT EXPERT! This procedure combines powerful cosmetics CARITA with three technologies for face and body correction: light therapy, ultrasound massage and microcurrents.

CARITA is a high-class professional cosmetology brand. These cosmetics are now complemented by the newest in the field of beauty, which are included in the CINETIC LIFT EXPERT. The device combines microcurrents, light therapy and ultrasound, which gives significant results of skin rejuvenation.

CARITA programs for the face include rejuvenating, moisturizing, lifting and anti-inflammatory procedures for skin of different types.

The CARITA program for modeling a figure is to reduce the volume of your body, the elasticity of your skin, the tone of your body muscles and the effective fight against cellulite.

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