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ERA ESTHETIC Clinic doctors will take part in the Euromelanoma week

In May, in Latvia once again be held Euromelanoma Week (Euromelanoma Day). This is the time when traditionally paid special attention to the prevention and diagnosis of cutaneous malignancies in the world. Clinic of laser dermatology ERA ESTHETIC in the campaign from 16 to 18 May will offer a free skin diagnosis, timely which can save the patient’s life.

The initiative to hold a free campaign for the diagnosis of skin cancer at an early stage belongs to the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology, and has its origin in 1999. Since then, the tradition has spread all over the world. Once a year, volunteer dermatologists provide people the opportunity to inspect the skin in order to determine the possible presence of dangerous skin disease – melanoma.

Melanoma – worldwide spread of the disease, a type of skin cancer, which show some skin formation (mole of certain shapes and colors), and which is caused by exposure of the skin of the solar radiation. Often the cause of melanoma is excessive enthusiasm solariums or aggressive exposure to solar radiation, combined with the rejection of the use of means of protection against the sun.

Latvia participates in the Days Evromelanomy since 2008. During these 9 years, a large number of cases of malignant diseases discovered among the inhabitants of Latvia. Early diagnosis of the disease allows time to begin treatment. The organizers of the campaign, the company «Dermatologi pret ādas vēzi» ( «Dermatologists against skin cancer”) note that over the years precautions of inhabitants of Latvia in the direction of protection from harmful solar radiation is significantly improved. This means a successful prevention of the disease.

Clinic ERA ESTHETIC again takes part in the Week of Euromelanoma and will conduct a free diagnosis of skin formations 16, 17 and 18 May at the address Jeruzalemes street 2/4, Riga, by appointment.

To sign up for a free diagnosis to the clinics doctor these days, call the clinic +371 25711117.

For more information please call:
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