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A first laser dental clinic has been opened in Latvia

On October 7, 2020, the first laser dental clinic ERA ESTHETIC DENTAL was opened in Latvia. The new clinic will provide extensive dental and oral treatment procedures with the latest generation of technology.

Oral disease treatment technology using the new generation laser Fotona LightWalker AT S became available for the first time in Latvia – now patients can not only treat various dental diseases painlessly (and therefore without anesthesia), including such a serious disease as periodontitis, but also enjoy the benefits of mild teeth whitening up to 6 shades in one go.

Importantly, during a Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, laser dentistry is much safer because it avoids the use of rotating instruments, which are considered to be a major risk factor for the transmission of respiratory infections.

The appearance of the LightWalker AT S laser system, which combines two powerful lasers (Nd: Yag + Er: Yag), in Latvia can literally be called a new era in dentistry.


Patients can now be treated with or without minor pain or discomfort and do not require local anesthesia. “This applies not only to normal tooth decay, but also to the treatment of a serious and painful disease in which inflammation occurs, leading to tooth loss,” notes Dr. Med. Ieva Henkuzena, Chief Physician of Era Esthetic Dental.

It is important to note that in a coronavirus pandemic, dental laser treatment is safer than dental treatment. Because the rotating instruments are not used during the use of the laser, the bacteria do not rise in the air during the treatment, and the laser disinfects the treated surfaces of the teeth and mouth during all procedures.

The new dental laser treatment technology is very important for patients from high-risk groups:

for those who use blood thinners, because the laser is a bactericide and its treatment is associated with less blood loss;
those who suffer from reduced immunity because the treatment is painless and does not require medication in the postoperative period;
seniors suffering from several systemic diseases.
In addition, new laser technologies are fully applicable in pediatric dentistry: thanks to the possibility of pain-free, vibration- and injection-free treatment, children have much less fear and negative emotions, which allows parents to avoid difficult decisions about pediatric dental treatment under general anesthesia.

The new laser dental clinic ERA ESTHETIC DENTAL is located in the center of Riga, Jeruzalemes Street 2/4. Clinic website – www.eradental.lv. Phone for records – 25333303.

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