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Sun protection and skin phototypes

All people are divided into 6 photo types:

1st skin type

Light skin, often with freckles; blond or red hair; blue or green eyes.

Such skin is extremely sensitive to the sun. Since it does not contain the required amount of melanin to form a tan, her only reaction to the sun is redness and burns.

For people with such skin when exposed to the sun is always necessary to use cosmetic products with the highest protection factor – SPF 50.

Whatever the filters are not used, people with 1st skin phototype are contraindicated to take sun baths in an equatorial zones.

2nd skin type

Light skin, often with freckles; light-colored hair (blonde, brown) or brown hair; blue or green eyes.

This photo type is the most common in Europe. Belonging to it people tan slowly, their skin is sensitive to the sun. They can protect themselves from burns by using remedies with SPF 25-30, and in the beginning of the summer season it is desirable to use a high degree of protection (SPF 30-50).

3rd skin type

Darker skin; rarely with freckles; brown hair; eyes are brown or other colors.

People with 3rd skin phototype usually after sunbathing acquire beautiful and lasting tan. Burns may be obtained only after prolonged exposure to the sun without precautions. But at the beginning of their summer season it is recommended first to dose the amount of solar radiation. For this skin phototype is recommended remedies with SPF 15-25.

4th skin type

Olive skin color; dark brown or black hair; dark brown or black eyes.

This skin type of the peoples of southern Europe. These people can afford to tan longer and with less protection filter – at least SPF 25. However, they must adhere to restrictions on receiving baths – no one is good for excessive sun exposure.

5th skin type

Dark or dark brown skin; dark brown or black hair; dark brown or almost black eyes.

This skin type Asian type of people who tan easily, can stay in the sun without burning almost indefinitely. But they need to use protection – with SPF 5-10.

6th skin type

Dark, almost black skin; black hair; black and brown eyes.

This type of skin of the African peoples who almost can not burn in the sun. But even they must use means of filters – with a minimum SPF 5.

Skin phototypes
Be sure to keep in mind that children’s skin must be protected by means of a filter with high SPF – 30-50, the most limiting their exposure to the sun, especially during the active sun.
You must also know that after swimming facility with SPF you must update the skin, even if you use waterproof cream – you will be protected by them from the only water, but not long after returning to shore. After swimming you remove the protective layer of cream towel, so the update agent on the skin is a must.

Means of protecting the skin creams best like (not milk or other type emulsion), which due to its dense structure provide greater coverage and protection.

Always pay attention to the shelf life of a protective cream! Occasionally it is more than 9 months. Therefore, use two consecutive years in the same cream can not, if you want to be sure to protect your skin from the sun.

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