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Hyaluronic acid and its role in the organism

Deficit of hyaluronic acid in the body leads to a significant deterioration of the skin – its dehydration and reduction of collagen and elastin synthesis, which us expressed in skin dryness, laxity, wrinkle formation, loss of healthy complexion.

However, modern scholars have made it possible to replenish the level of hyaluronic acid in the skin, thus allowing for the prevention of age-related changes, and even reverse the aging process. After the injection of this vital element to the skin, the body’s natural renewal process started. Once a molecule of hyaluronic acid gets into a zone of damage, it immediately begins to brace water, it starts the process of developing of new natural hyaluronic acid. As a result, the molecules of this substance is out in the skin in large numbers, hyaluronic acid is immediately connected to the CD44 receptor on fibroblasts cell surface. Hyaluronic acid stimulates cell division and migration. It causes formation of new skin cells, restorement of damaged structure of collagen and elastin fibers, strengthening of skin frame. In such a way biorestructuring of tissues occures. Through these processes wrinkles are significantly reduced, complexion is harmonised.
Hyaluronic acid
If your skin is dehidrated, desiccated by the sun or dry office air combined with long-term work at the computer, if the face began to appear wrinkles, skin lost its healthy color and energy, the procedures with the introduction of hyaluronic acid will be an effective solution for you – it will return healthy, radiant appearance to your skin.

The easiest way to replenish stocks of hyaluronic acid in the body is using a variety of creams and serums that contain this acid. Virtually all modern cosmetic lines include products with the addition of this important building block for the skin.

However, it is worth considering that the application of such funds to the skin may be more prevention of skin aging than the way to deal with the existing wrinkles. They can not replace a much more efficient method of rejuvenation – injection of hyaluronic acid, which substance is delivered directly into the skin cells.

Drawing on the skin cosmetics with hyaluronic acid has a preventive value, but performance can not be compared with injections, delivering this valuable element directly into the skin cells.


Learn more about biorevitalisation – procedure of injections of hyaluronic acid in the deeper layers of the skin, deep and lasting moisturizing the skin and restitution of its youthfulness.

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