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Beauty treatments for the autumn – a review of new procedures

No. 1
Skin care system HydraFacial
Moisturizes the skin, restoring it after sun exposure

Modern procedure HydraFacial MD ™ is a revolutionary discovery in modern cosmetics. For one HydraFacial procedure provides everything you need for skin care: while deep cleansing, intensive moisturizing, anti-aging care and treatment of skin problems such as acne, age spots and other. The procedure combines efficiency with comfort – no wonder it belongs to the SPA-procedures.

HydraFacial actively smoothes skin texture, deeply cleanse the skin, using a light vacuum improves skin tone, different sera moisturizes, nourishes and treats the skin with skin supply by saturating it with vitamins, peptides and growth factors. This is all that is needed for the skin to shine with beauty and health!

Read more about HydraFacial!

Plazmolifting (PRP)
Restoring and treating your skin, leveraging internal resources

In addition to effective treatments and mesotherapy biorevitalisation to replenish skin resources and its active rejuvenation and restoration recommend modern injection technique that provides the most natural and effective process of renewal and rejuvenation of the skin – that are utilized for internal resources of the body, providing the skin everything it needs.

Plazmolifting – a plasma injection isolated from the patient’s own blood. SALT In procedures is the process of activation of the internal human connective tissue cells by platelet-rich plasma. After these procedures Plazmolifting cells located in the deeper layers of the dermis begin to synthesize collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid – a substance providing smoothness and skin elasticity.

Since the plasma is obtained from the patient’s own blood, the procedure can not cause any allergic reactions. On the contrary – Plazmolifting has anti-inflammatory effects on the skin, the treatment effect.

Learn more about Plazmolifting!

No. 3
Skin tightening without surgery


Perfect solution to refresh your skin for the New Year, and for just one treatment! the latest generation of technology embodied in the Thermage CPT system – the first non-invasive non-surgical skin tightening equipment.

This modern technique allows to achieve a natural rejuvenation lifting effect using radiofrequency energy, without compromising the integrity of the skin.

During the Thermage procedure, the skin exposure to RF energy affects all layers of the skin. Under the influence of the collagen fiber laser updated, it stimulates the synthesis of new fibers, causing skin tightening. The skin becomes smooth, elastic and dense.

Find out more about Thermage technology!

Laser removal of pigmentation
Evens out skin tone


Brown spots caused by the sun, age or hormonal changes in the body, not always look good. Those who wish to get rid of pigmentation on the face or body, will help new alexandrite laser GentleLase!

The impact of the laser on the skin not only removes pigmentation, but also due to heat emitted laser stimulates the production of collagen and elastin fibers, improving skin tone. As a result, it aligned not only color, but also relief – face skin looks fresher and younger.

Learn more about pigmentation removal laser procedure.

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