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Skin rejuvenation – facial treatments

We present to you the most advanced and efficient technologies of rejuvenation, many of which are new to Latvia and are presented only in laser dermatology clinic Era Esthetic. These are real gold standards in skin resurfacing and treatment.

Recent advances in laser dermatology care to successfully fight against skin aging processes. Few decades ago, for those who wanted to “turn back time” there was not any other way as surgical. Today we can significantly rejuvenate the skin without a scalpel surgery – laser and other modern technologies help to smooth wrinkles, eliminate enlarged pores, even out the complexion and even to tighten skin!

Thanks to the laser and other modern medical technologies dermatologists are able now to penetrate into the deep layers of the dermis, restoring its structure, triggering the natural rejuvenation processes inherent in our body.

Depending on age, preferences and characteristics of skin of our patients we select the most effective procedures for the return of the beauty and freshness of youthful skin.

We offer you the most powerful and popular non-surgical rejuvenation procedures! All of them are presented in our clinic.



In order to restore the uniform complexion, get rid of the age-related pigmentation, improve skin texture and the production of collagen in the tissues, we offer you the latest photorejuvenation procedure with alexandrite laser GentleLase Pro. This modern, powerful and delicate laser promotes skin photorejuvenation. The procedure helps to restore the elasticity of your face, to even complexion and skin shine.

Learn more about the procedure of photorejuvenation!



adas-frakcioneta-atjaunosanaFractional laser rejuvenation

The unique technique of laser fractional rejuvenation allows to achieve significant regeneration of the skin. The procedure is also referred to as laser skin resurfacing. Through laser effects on the skin microfractions the formation of young skin and eliminating traces of age: wrinkles, pigmentation, uneven complexion, enlarged pores, etc.

CO2Re laser established itself as one of the most effective techniques of fractional rejuvenation and elimination of various defects of the skin (scars, stretch marks, etc.).

In turn, the fractional laser Fraxel re: store Dual achieves a significant facial rejuvenation with minimal recovery period after the procedure due to unique union of two lasers – erbium laser with 1550 nm and the new thulium laser with the wave of 1927 nm.

Learn more about fractional rejuvenation with CO2Re and Fraxel re: store Dual!

Thermage-procedureThermage CPT

The latest generation embodied in the Thermage CPT – unique non-invasive non-surgical skin tightening equipment.
This revolutionary technique allows you to achieve the effect of rejuvenating facelift by using radiofrequency energy, without compromising the integrity of the skin.
In our clinic we present latest, third generation of Thermage – Thermage CPT, which allows to achieve the effect of rejuvenation in a single procedure with a prolonged effect.

Learn more about non-surgical face lift and skin rejuvenation Thermage CPT!


Skaistuma-injekcijasBeauty injections

Injection techniques and hands of experienced physicians quickly and effectively rejuvenate the skin of our clients, removing wrinkles and even adjust the shape of the face.

Our clinic offers you:
injections for correction of expression wrinkles,
hyaluronic acid filler injection,
hyaluronic acid injection.



PRP is a progressive method of renovation of an organism, which helps our patients not only to rejuvenate the skin, but also to treat hair loss. The procedure activates regenerative processes in the body by injection healing plasma (Patelet Rich Plasma), derived from the patient’s own blood, which has a rejuvenating effect on the body tissue. PRP starts the update mechanism in the body cells, restoring skin smoothness, elasticity and even color.

Learn more about PRP!




Our clinic first in Latvia presents revolutionary technology in aesthetic cosmetology also – a procedure of comfortable skin cleansing, moisturizing and renewal – HydraFacial. Now, deep cleansing carried out with maximum comfort is accompanied by a deep moisturizing and anti-aging effects. This comfortable and efficient hardware maintenance will ensure your skin maximum conditions for the preservation of youth and beauty for years to come!

Find out more about hardware skincare HydraFacial!



The newest technologies, the gold standards in skin treatment and rejuvenation help us to achieve the best aesthetic results!
All procedures in the clinic perform experienced doctors and specialists that will help you to choose the procedure that best suits for you!

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