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Reshape of after baby body


After babybirth, most women have to put up with the changes in their body, especially in connection with the loss of tissue elasticity. 9 out of 10 women admit that their stomach hasn’t gone back to how it was before pregnancy. Research also shows that 37% of women noted in this period the increase in their thighs, 95% of woman complain of stretch marks. As the result 71% of women after pregnancy feel less attractive. We offer you  5 guidelines to bring after-baby body into shape. 

We present you with recommendations how to bring yourself into shape – from our partner, Syneron-Candela Group, a world leader in the production of medical equipment for the beauty industry.






5 rules for your body

  1. During pregnancy and after childbirth is constantly moisturize the skin and maintain its elasticity with the help of cosmetics.
  2. Drink at least two liters of water a day.
  3. After pregnancy and breastfeeding is recommended protein diet with low calorie – to quickly recover a healthy weight. Even for those who are at a normal weight, it is important to increase the efficiency of aesthetic procedures consume enough protein.
  4. VelaShape procedure will help you to quickly get in shape after childbirth. It is the only technique that combines bi-polar radio frequency, infrared laser, vacuum and mechanical massage. Using these technologies provides VelaShape elimination  of fat tissue from the body, improvement of microcirculation, recycling of released fatty acids and skin tightening. The result is a figure contouring, cellulite treatment and reducing the volume of the body.
    Find out more information about VelaShape procedure.

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  5. The best approach is a combination of several methods: aesthetic medicine, home care, a balanced diet, enriched with macro-and micronutrients, as well as moderate physical activity.








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