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The new procedure for eyebag correction

To resolve such a problem, as periorbital hernia (periorbital fiber fat herniation) Laser Dermatology Clinic Era Esthetic starts offering a new procedure – mesotherapy for eyebag correction with a unique mesotherapeutic product Dermaheal Eyebag Solution.

The procedure reduces the volume and severity of periorbital hernias. The effect is achieved by reducing the amount of subcutaneous fat, lymphatic drainage and strengthening the front wall of the orbit. The effectiveness of the procedure provides a high-tech complex of four biomimetic peptides, which is unparalleled in aesthetic medicine. The product does not contain direct lipolysis, making its use in this sensitive area absolutely safe with high efficiency.

The procedure takes 30 minutes, its cost – 70 EUR. To achieve the necessary rate of effect 3-7 procedures are needed, depending on the severity of the problem.

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