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Temporary interruption of customer face-to-face service due to the state of emergency in Latvia

Dear customers!

Due to the state of emergency in Latvia, the ERA ESTHETIC clinics in Latvia will temporarily suspend face-to-face servicing of clients from March 23.

Our clinic accepts clients until Sunday, March 22 (inclusive), to provide procedures and consultations to everyone who cannot postpone their visit for a long time.

We comply with the highest standards of sanitary safety! (see below *)

Phone for inquiries, consultations and subsequent entries +371 25711117.
The help line will not interrupt its work!

*) About the clinic until March 23:
– We remind you that we cannot accept customers who are ordered to be in home quarantine (including those who have returned from abroad within the past 14 days).
– When visiting the clinic, the patient must confirm in writing that he has not visited countries with uncontrolled spread of the COVID-19 virus over the past 14 days.
– The clinic respects high standards of sanitary safety: antibacterial air filtration, disinfection of all surfaces, the use of masks and gloves in working with each patient.

As soon as the situation in the country improves, we will inform you about the date of resumption of employment! Follow our news in social networks, on the website www.eraesthetic.lv, and also you can always get our current information by phone +371 25711117.

We wish you good health and a positive attitude!

Era Esthetic team

For more information please call:
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