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May – the mounth of Melanoma

In May, Melanoma days pass around the world, in which doctors actively inform people about risk of malignant skin diseases and ways of protecting against it.

Melanoma is the most dangerous and aggressive type of skin disease, which, however, is easier to treat than other malignant tumors – in case of timely diagnosis. If you are concerned about any suspicious skin formation, immediately consult your dermatologist, who will help you to determine its nature!

In May, our clinic offers a dermatoscopic examination of the skin lesions with 40% discount.

During skin screening, the dermatologist will help patients to be convinced of the benign nature of their lesions or to timely ascertain the problem for its successful treatment. Also our doctors will give you recommendations how to protect yourself from the risk of malignant lesions on the skin.

Our May Offer for doctor consultation and skin lesions dermatoscopic inspection – 35 EUR – 40% 21 EUR.

Learn more about how to prevent skin cancer here!

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