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Special Offer – 40% of for Cristal Fit treatments for a slim and toned figure!

We offer a 40% discount on CRISTAL Fit treatments – high-intensity electromagnetic muscle stimulation. Relax while your muscles are working and your body is slimming down!

The CRISTAL Fit procedure is an effective solution for shaping muscles, a gentle and painless method of toning and shaping your body’s slim silhouette.

The CRISTAL Fit procedure harmoniously shapes the silhouette, allowing you to aesthetically transform the contours of your body. When interacting with an electromagnetic field, muscle contractions are induced, and as a result, cells are activated for the development of muscle mass, the figure is tightened and takes shape. With each session, your figure becomes more toned and elastic.

We offer you special prices for CRISTAL Fit procedures:

1 CristalFit treatment – 160EUR -40% = 104 EUR
4 CristalFit treatment course– 520EUR -40% = 338 EUR
6 CristalFit  treatment course– 600EUR -40% = 360 EUR

Here you can find more about CRISTAL Fit high-intensity electromagnetic muscle stimulation.

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