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Skincare in Autumn

In autumn and winter the skin can look tired and dehydrated, lose its elasticity and tonicity, and pigmented spots and small wrinkles on the face become noticeable. However, everything can be put right and you can meet autumn looking beautiful and well cared for. The trick is to restore the protective functions of the skin that have been disturbed in summertime by sunrays, wind, sea salt and dust.

When the sun tan fades, the skin colour doesn’t rejoice. The pigment spot problem comes into the picture in this particular period. I recommend you to replenish your skin with clear serum, undergo a peeling course, lightening procedures, biorestoration with Aquashine BR, PRP course and laser removal of pigment spots. An experienced dermatologist or cosmetologist will advise you and select the right procedures.

Chemical peeling will help to give your face a fresh look again and smooth out any wrinkles. It can be started beginning from the second half of September, as the solar activity lessens and your skin is not subjected to extra stress. Peeling will remove keratinised cells, clean pores and let your skin breathe.

Dehydration – is a very frequent complaint of clients in autumn. By all means apply cream in the morning and in the evening, add moisturising masks and sera that contain hyaluronic acid squalane and ceramides. It will help to preserve the hydrolipidic film of the skin, maintain its tonicity and restore elasticity and resilience. Drink a sufficient quantity of water, replenish you hydraulic reserve and get the maximum use out of vegetables and greens – these products contain vitamins and microelements that are vital for your skin in autumn.

In autumn inflammation and acne may increase, which is why those ladies with combination and oily skin need to begin preventative care by excluding smoked food, spicy, fatty and sweet dishes from the diet.

Always remember to protect the lips in autumn and winter. Keep a nutritional balm for the lips with you, desirably on a natural oily base (e.g., Jojoba oil, coconut oil) and beeswax.
Just adhere to these simple rules and you will see that by the season’s end your skin will be beautiful, moisturised and, above all, healthy!

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