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Skin recovery after winter

adas-lobisanasSkin sloughing

Peeling is a reaction to external stimuli. Light peeling and hydrodermabrasion procedures (such as Hydrafacial) will help to restore shine and freshness.
Skin needs moisturizing. But moisture should come not only from cosmetics. Pay attention to the correct drinking regimen. Drink a day at least 1.5 liters of pure water. Wash with cool water. Contrasting showers and lowering the temperature of the water will help the skin stay young and beautiful longer.

blava-sejas-krasaDull complexion

The complexion is affected by a lack of vitamins. Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits, and use cosmetics containing powerful antioxidants and vitamins A, C, E. After consulting with a specialist, you can undergo a course of mesotherapy or biorevitalization. Vitamin cocktails support the skin after the winter and nourish the necessary substances before the summer. Biorevitalization deeply moisturizes the skin, water molecules bring nutrients to the skin. Pores will narrow, improve skin tone and improve skin tone.

akneEruption, acne

In the spring, the sebaceous glands are more active. Excess sebum clogs the pores, forming comedones. The addition of a bacterial infection leads to inflammation and the appearance of acne.
Gently cleanse your skin twice a day. Do not use alcohol-based skin lotions, but tone the skin with a special lotion or tonic. Use a moisturizing cream with a light texture. Bold shine can be removed using matting wipes. Wipe problem areas with them, and then apply loose mineral powder on your face. It is also good to carry out professional cleaning of the face.


In the spring pigment spots appear on the face, neck and decollete. Blame UV radiation.
Increase your skin’s UV protection using sunscreen. The cream must contain an SPF of at least 25.



Meet the spring beautiful!


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