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Principal mistakes in skin care

Mistake No. 1. Insufficient cleansing

Rinsing your face with clean water at the end of the day. Cosmetics, sweat, dust, skin oils, bacteria will not be rinsed away by water alone. Special rinsing agents that suit your type of skin must be used.

Mistake No. 2. Washing only in the evening

The skin must be cleaned 2 times per day. In the evening you must rinse off the makeup and impurities that have accumulated during the day. During the night, the skin actively produces sebum and sweat, therefore, the skin must be cleaned in the morning. The cleansing procedure in the morning stimulates the cells, boosts circulation, and prepares the skin for the procedures that follow.

Mistake No. 3. Using micellar water for cleansing the skin and not rinsing it off with water

Micellar water – cleansing agent for the removal of makeup. It always contains surfactants (cleaning components). Any micellar water must be rinsed off with running water.

Mistake No. 4. Many users believe that using a tonic is not a mandatory phase of skin cleansing

Toning – a very important phase of cleansing. Tonic completes cleansing, restores the pH balance, prepares the skin for the application of skin serum and cream, improves the activity of cosmetic agents, which also means improving the efficiency of skincare agents. Tonic must be used twice per day.

Mistake No. 5. Too frequent use of scrubs and peels

Many users believe that using a rejuvenating agent more frequently makes the skin younger and enables the elimination of pigmentation. Too frequent scrubbing destroys the hydrolipidic layer of the skin, which causes skin irritation and promotes a reduction in skin tone.

Mistake No. 6. Irregular cleaning of brushes and sponges from residues of cosmetic agents

The cause of many facial problems – dirty brushes and sponges for the face. Dirty tools traumatise the skin, introduce infections and lead to inflammation, acne and various dermatoses. You are recommended to rinse the brushes for the application of tonal cream after every use and brushes for powder and rouge 1 – 2 times per week.

Mistake No. 7. The use of lotion with an alcohol base, when taking care of fatty skin

This is a very common misconception.
Alcohol based lotions may not be used to care for fatty skin, as they dry out the skin and disrupt the pH balance. The more that fatty skin is dried, the higher the activity of sebaceous glands that produce fat in the skin.

Mistake No. 8. Use of oils to moisturise the skin

Our skin is protected by a hydrolipid barrier, which prevents loss of moisture and protects the skin. Oil gradually destroys the hydrolipid layer and over-dries the skin.

Mistake No. 9. Touching the skin with fingers

At work, at home and in public transport, avoid popping pimples, and lose the habit of propping up your face with your hands.

Mistake No. 10. Purchasing serums that contain retinol or hydroquinone, either online or from the pharmacy

You are recommended to seek the advice of a cosmetologist, who will select the appropriate care for you. Otherwise, you will have to restore your skin after using an incorrectly selected agent.

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