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Preparing for summer – the TOP 5 of effective procedures

1.Slim figure without cellulite:


ELOS procedure for body VelaShape

VelaShape technology is called the gold standard for treating cellulite and contouring the figure. This device procedure really changes the modern concept of body modeling.

VelaShape is an effective medical device that uses the combined Elos technology to treat cellulite and reduce body size, combining four technologies, providing sufficient amount of heat to fat tissues for rapid and effective deep tissue massage, reminiscent of hot stone massage:
1. Infrared rays heat tissues, reduce under-fat deposits;
2. bipolar radio waves split fat, stimulate collagen formation in the skin, improve skin texture;
3. Vacuum Massage stimulates lymph flow and stimulates blood circulation
4. Roller massage improves vacuum exposure by promoting lymphatic drainage.

This medical procedure is characterized by short-term results.

To reduce cellulite and body size, you need an average of 4-6 VelaShape procedures that are done at one week intervals.

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2. For smooth body skin without excess hair:

Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal with alexandrite laser GentleLase

Laser epilation worldwide is recognized as the most effective method of stopping hair growth. Unlike waxing or other forms of hair removal with laser depilation, the task of “stopping hair growth” is solved. After the course of the procedure, hair growth is practically interrupted, and only the prevention of hair growth is required – a one-time procedure 1-2 times a year – depending on the degree of ‘sleeping follicle’ activity of the patient.

The “gold standard” for laser depilation is called the Alexandrite laser because its high power and short pulse speed parameters optimally meet the requirements of efficient and gentle epilation.

With exposure to light and heat, the laser safely destroys the follicles without damaging the skin. Unlike pulsating devices used for photoepilation, the laser emits light with one wavelength and purposefully destroys not only the hair follicles but also the surrounding cells that form the hair follicle.

Thanks to its power, Alexandrite laser Gentlelase effectively kills hair follicles. Thanks to the momentum of impulses – provides greater comfort during the procedures.

GentleLase is a “gold standard” for laser depilation because its wavelength and power provide optimum results in stopping hair at the top.

For a long-term stopping of hair growth requires a course of procedures that covers all phases of hair follicles: latent, inactive and active. In humans, the length and intensity of these stages differ, but the average rate of laser depilation includes 6 procedures at 6-week intervals.

Maybe it would be wiser to start laser epilation in autumn or winter, but never too late! In the spring and summer season, a laser depilation course can be launched, taking into account the basic requirements for sun exposure. Usually, after the first laser epilation procedures, there are positive changes in the skin and the nature of hair growth:
• hairs grow slower;
• hair becomes thinner, lighter and more invisible;
• hair stops growing in the skin;
• skin irritation caused by ingrown hairs, hair shaving is prevented;
• the skin becomes smoother and healthier.

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3. For cleaned, moisturized and well-groomed skin:


Spa face procedure HydraFacial

This hydromechanical peeling procedure is the perfect find for those who want to prepare their skin for vacation. Thanks to this procedure, meeting with the summer sun will be more friendly. HydraFacial cleans, nourishes, rejuvenates and moisturizes the skin so that sunlight does not cause unnecessary stress to your skin.

HydraFacial Innovative Appliance Process provides a quick and pronounced rejuvenating effect on various skin problems: deeply but gently cleanses the skin, prevents aging, smooths out fine wrinkles, narrows pores, improves skin texture and color, prevents increased pigmentation, helps restore skin after intense sun exposure , prevents oily skin, frequent rash and rosacea.

The HydraFacial procedure solves problems regardless of skin type:
• dry, dehydrated and dull skin;
• skin affected by age changes and wrinkles;
• skin that has lost firmness with reduced turgor;
• oily, problematic, contaminated skin, pores of enlarged skin;
• pumps, acne feet;
• uneven face color;
• skin texture changes;
• skin on which pigment spots have occurred;
• Skin with pronounced signs of photon aging.

Skin cleaning has never been so effective and at the same time pleasant!

After the cleansing phase, HydraFacial smoothes the skin relief, improves skin tone with a light vacuum, moisturizes, nourishes and treats the skin with various serums, saturating it with vitamins, peptides and growth factors.

In the first session, this pleasant procedure brings visible results: restores healthy skin appearance, smoothes skin color and texture.

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4. For smoother and firmer skin:


ELOS procedure for oval restoration eTwo

ELOS technology has proven its unique abilities for effective facial oval restoration. ELOS – it is a combination of radio frequency energy and infrared radiation that, without skin trauma and without a rehabilitation period, is capable of minimizing and lifting wrinkles after the procedure.

Combining the effects of infrared light and bipolar radio frequency energy, ELOS Sublime provides controlled deep dermal warming. In this way, the formation of a new collagen and elastin is promoted in a gentle and effective manner during the procedure, resulting in an improvement of the facial oval by treating the lateral areas of the face, smoothing out wrinkles in the mouth and eye area.

The procedure allows to eliminate signs of aging on the face:
• Prevent small wrinkles
• Improve skin elasticity and reduce ptosis
• Restore face oval contours.

For maximum comfort during the procedure, the ELOS Sublime system is equipped with a special cooling system based on the Peltier element.

Is this procedure comfortable? Our clients also fall asleep during it!

Already after the first procedure the first results are visible, but in order to achieve a more pronounced, sustained lifting effect it is necessary to take a course from 2-3 procedures with 2-3 weeks interval.

More on procedure, indications and prices read here!

5. Dehydrated skin restoration:


Laser biorevitalization

A non-injected, comfortable procedure for saturating the skin with hyaluronic acid is here! The laser biorevitalization method is based on the effects of cold laser and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid. The procedure is for deep skin moisturizing, skin, face, neck and décolleté and other areas of skin aging, as well as struggle with age. This procedure allows for excellent preparation for the summer season – saturating the skin with hyaluronic acid, promoting its moisturizing and increasing its resistance to sunlight.

By combining the molecules of hyaluronic acid of different sizes with the effect of laser radiation, the deepest penetration of the molecules into the tissues is achieved and hence the more pronounced effect: the skin relief is smoothed, its color is improved, the wrinkles are noticeably corrected, the lifting effect appears.

Advantages of laser biorevitalization

• a completely painless method;
• improvement of skin condition occurs already during the procedure;
• There is no need for a recovery period. after the procedure the face looks fresh and rested;
• the procedure itself gives pleasure and pleasant feelings;
• The improvement effect after the procedure increases within 24 hours.

Laser biorevitalization is a comfortable and effective procedure for skin care and regeneration.

After the first procedure, the appearance of the skin improves. In the course of the procedure, it initiates the natural regeneration process – synthesis of skin collagen and elastin, strengthens intercellular bonds, provides hydration of the deep layers of the skin, stimulates the formation of new blood vessels and improves nourishment of the skin. The skin becomes smooth, firm and fresh.

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