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Hand care after disinfection

These days we use antiseptics more often than ever. Protection is above all, but do not forget the condition of the skin of your hands! The chief cosmetologist of the Era Esthetic clinic Liana Blazhevich gives tips on proper skin care after disinfection.

Frequent washing and disinfection of hands leads to the destruction of the hydro-lipid barrier, the protective film of our skin. The skin becomes dry, cracks appear that serve as a gateway for allergens and fungi. If neglected, minor skin lesions can go into eczema or other inflammatory reactions.

How to moisturize the skin after disinfection?

After applying the antiseptic to the skin, wait a few minutes (so as not to suppress the effect of the agent against bacteria), and only then apply a moisturizer to the hands.

The most effective hand care after antiseptic is a cream containing glycerin or lanolin.

If the skin of the hands reacts vividly to the care products as well – inflammation or itching appears, replace them with pharmaceutical products containing 3-5% urea, glycerin, panthenol, chamomile and sea buckthorn extract.

Protective gloves relieve stress on our skin, as it is less necessary to disinfect hands. However, many gloves contain latex, rubber, talc, which can cause allergic reactions. If you have sensitive, allergy-prone skin, opt for simple plastic gloves.

Well, if you still can’t get rid of itching or redness on your own, you need to consult a dermatologist. Now you can get advice from dermatologists of our clinic and the prescription can be remotely.

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