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Enlarged facial pores

Large pores look unappealing on your face, worsening its appearance. They can be caused by many different things: skin type, genetics, hormonal changes, ageing, low-quality cosmetics, bad nutrition, smoking and alcohol, stress, incorrect skin cleansing, and many other factors.

Pores become large because of the accumulation of sebum and occurrence of comedones, i.e. hair follicles clogged with sebum. Women with greasy and mixed skin types have large pores most frequently.

Pores can also become large because of acne, loss of skin elasticity, especially after the age of 30, caused by a lack of collagen, excess production of sebum, excess solar radiation, abuse of decorative cosmetics, which can clog the pores, frequent popping of pimples and washing the face with hot water.


Your first three main steps should be cleansing, toning and moisturising:

1. Cleansing: to remove the comedones and excess sebum.
2. Toning: clean pores may be reduced using a toner that contains contracting components (witch-hazels, aloe, green tea).
3. Moisturising: reintroduction of moisture to skin cells after cleansing and toning.

For treating your skin, we recommend using creams and serums that contain the following active moisturising components: GK, betaine, aloe extract, snail mucin. These substances will help make the skin less porous visually, and reduce the excess production of sebum.


1. Use tightening masks (alginate, clay): they are excellent for reducing pores.
2. Peel the skin using enzymes and acids. This will eliminate dead cells that clog the pores together with sebum from the skin.
3. Try not to squeeze the contents of your pores out on your own: better to find a professional beauty specialist to do this.
4. Peel the skin using enzymes and acids. This will eliminate dead cells that clog the pores together with sebum from the skin.
5. Use as little facial toner as possible in summer. And if you cannot manage without it, we recommend using light matte tonal fluids with an SPF of 30 or 50.
6. Consult specialists.

Doctors that can help you correct hormonal imbalance:
 cosmetic dermatologist;
 gynaecologist/endocrinologist;
 neurologist (if there is continuous stress);
 psychologist.

If you believe that you have large pores on the face, we recommend contacting a beauty specialist who can correctly select the treatment that your skin needs and develop a personal schedule for dealing with your large pores.

The Hydrafacial procedure is excellent at tackling large and clogged pores.

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