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Art in era esthetic interiors

We present you a brief biography of the artist


Arunas Rutkus born September 19, 1961 in Vilnius (Lithuania). From 1980 to 1985 Arunas studied at Vilnius Art Institute, studying frescoes, mosaics and stained glass. Later he began to work in several directions: painting, stained glass windows and frescoes, as well as the schedule for the film, ceramic and metal sculpture.

His main style of work at the moment is oil paiting on canvas.

Since the beginning of the 90s the painter were perfecting his unusual style of writing in Europe. Today Arunas Rutkus lives and works in Vilnius.

However, his paintings are actively traveling around the world. Since the 90s, his works are exhibited at international exhibitions, among them:
• 1990 Vincent Gallery (Copenhagen, Denmark) – personal exhibition.
• 1990 Young Artists Association Gallery (Budapest, Hungary)
• 1991 Vincent Gallery (Copenhagen, Denmark) – personal exhibition.
• 1992 Campo San Zaccario (Venice, Italy)
• 1992 Vartai Gallery (Vilnius, Lithuania)
• 1994 Vartai Gallery (Vilnius, Lithuania)
• 1995 4th St. Petersburg Bennial “Spatia Nova” (St. Petersburg, Russia)
• In 1995, the Association of Art at the International Monetary Fund organized a solo exhibition in Washington. The entire exhibition sold to private collections of art lovers.
• In 1997, the German Foreign Ministry organized a solo exhibition of Arunas Rutkusa in Bonn.
• In 1999, the first time in NATO’s history was organized personal painter exhibition in a building Manfred Warner in Brussels. It was an exhibition of Arunas Rutkus. Since then, his painting “Woman” decorates the reception of NATO Secretary General.
• 2000 Arka Gallery (Vilnius, Lithuania)
• 2002 Vasby Konsthall, upplands Vasby (Stockholm, Sweden)
• 2003 INFRA Gallery (Stockholm, Sweden)
• In 2010, the artist takes part in Art Cannes.
• 2011 – exhibition of the Grand Palais on the Champs Elysees in Paris.
• In December 2011, the picture of the artist’s “Pink River” was exhibited at the Louvre (Paris).

Arunas Rutkus paintings adorn private collections in the United States, England, Italy, Holland, France, Russia, Belgium. Among the fans of Arunas Rutkus works are Sting, Sheikh of Sharjah, NATO Secretary General and many other influential collectors of the world.

It is important that the work of the artist filled with a special energy that gives our customers a positive charge.



To see pictures of Arunas Rutkus you do not need to knock at the residence of the venerable collectors or go to the Louvre! It is enough to visit Era Esthetic clinic in Riga and you will be able to appreciate the beauty and originality of the style of this great artist!



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