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Era Esthetic Clinic employs highly qualified medical specialists with many years of experience and meeting the highest standards of practice in aesthetic medicine. Before carrying out the procedures, we provide professional advice of dermatologists, trichologists, cosmetologists, specialists in body esthetics, gynecologists and surgeons.

The team of our clinic includes the best specialists in their fields. Our dermatologists diagnose skin problems and formations, choosing individual treatment for each patient, whether it is laser, injection or pharmacological therapy. In cases where patients require surgical or phlebological treatment methods, experienced surgeons provide their services at the clinic. Experienced gynecologists also work in the clinic to improve women’s health and provide aesthetic solutions in gynecology. Specialists in body aesthetics provide effective hardware techniques for body shaping and eliminating of other imperfections. Of course, the Era Esthetic team includes experienced cosmetologists to provide the most advanced skin care and rejuvenation procedures!

Our doctors, cosmetologists, specialists in aesthetics are constantly improving their experience and knowledge in aesthetic medicine, participating in seminars, scientific and practical conferences around the world. Exchange of experience with colleagues at international forums and trainings is another important stage in replenishing professional knowledge. Every year, our team masters the most valuable acquisitions of the aesthetic medicine market, which have passed all the proper clinical trials and received an extensive evidence base in world medical practice – the most effective and safe preps, advanced treatment protocols, innovative and reliable beauty technologies.

The team of Era Esthetic specialists offers all their experience and knowledge, care for each patient, as well as the most modern treatment methods and advanced technologies of therapy and skin rejuvenation.

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