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Zarema Smolyakova



Zarema Smolyakova is a specialist with a wealth of experience and knowledge who graduated from the International Cosmetology School CIDESCO Riga, specialising in cosmetology, becoming a cosmetology specialist with a medical degree.
Zarema is a member of the Latvian Association of Cosmetologists and Cosmetologists LKKA, a certified specialist in equipment, injections and medical cosmetology with an international CIDESCO diploma.

Zarema Smolakova is a certified specialist with extensive experience in the application of injectable methods of skin rejuvenation. Zarema provides the clinic’s patients with excellent skin care, including medical indications (rosacea, acne, problem skin care) and skin rejuvenation, selecting the most appropriate procedures for everyone – be it hydrodermabrasion (HydraFacial), oxygen therapy (Inraceuticals) or beauty injections (biorevitalisation or mesotherapy).



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