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Great prices for laser hair removal with the world’s No.1 laser for stopping hair growth – the GentleLase alexandrite laser from the US manufacturer Candela! 

In July, we offer special prices for laser hair removal with the new generation, most effective alexandrite laser GentleLase Pro. Stop hair growth – in the armpits area with a 40% discount, in other areas of the body with a 35% discount!

Stop excess hair growth on your body with the gold standard of laser hair removal! At Era Esthetic, laser hair removal treatments are performed with the most effective medical laser systems – the latest generation of alexandrite lasers GentleLase Pro.

In July we offer a discount for laser hair removal in the armpits area -40%! For each subsequent body area you will receive a 35% discount in July!

Discounted prices:

  • Armpits – 70-80 EUR with 40% discount – 42-48 EUR
  • Classic bikini – 70-80 EUR with 35% discount – 45,50-52 EUR
  • Brazilian bikini 100-130 EUR with 35% discount – 65,00-84,50 EUR
  • Intimate area of the buttocks 35,00-75,00 with 35% discount – 22,75-48,75 EUR

Other additional body areas are also discounted by 35%.

Please note that the treatment cannot be performed on freshly tanned skin. After the laser resurfacing procedure, it is obligatory to apply a sun protection cream SPF50 or higher for 3 weeks in the sun.

Alexandrite laser GentleMax Pro, GentleLase Pro is the Gold Standart of laser hair removal, which provide best resuts in hair growth intermission and skin treatment during most comfortable procedure.

For clients who starts laser hair removal course during this Special Offer, the discount remains throughout the whole course!

Find more information about laser hair removal treatment!

Using this Special Offer you can get discounts for face areas also – using our loyalty program.


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